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Enormous, All-Natural, Fabric Backdrops that are Easy To Use

Rosco's Academy Award® winning backdrops are now available on a woven cotton fabric. Offered in all of our Frontlight, Backlight or Day/Night Backdrop technologies, SoftDrops can be produced single sided as large as 39'h x 170'w (11.89m h x 51.82m w) - seamless!

Choosing a Rosco SoftDrop makes installing a backdrop onto your set easy:

  • Easy to customize: our global, world-class Rosco Digital Imaging team will work to make sure the image in the background of your shot is perfect - no matter where in the world your production is shooting. Customize your SoftDrop using our Frontlight, Backlight, or even our Day/Night Backdrop technologies.
  • Easy to ship: SoftDrops easily fold - removing the need for heavy, protective tubes and extra-long freight trucks.
  • Easy to hang: the woven cotton fabric on which SoftDrops are printed unfolds easily from its packaging and smooths out quickly as it's hung, with minimal wrinkle treatment - saving significant valuable pre-production time.
  • Easy to light: SoftDrops produce an image with an ultra-matte finish that's inherently semi-translucent. These features help spread and diffuse the light much more effectively and efficiently. This means that SoftDrops require less light to illuminate properly, less time and energy devoted to rigging, powering the lighting setup and less lighting maintenance over time - saving production money.
  • Easy to frame the shot: because SoftDrops are available in extra-large, seamless sizes, filmmakers are able to shoot from any angle or position avoiding visible seams.
  • Easy on the environment: thanks to its ease-of-transport, its natural cotton substrate and its water-based, non-solvent inks - SoftDrop has a much smaller carbon footprint than other backdrop technologies.

No matter where your production is shooting, Rosco's SoftDrop backdrops are the perfect background choice to bring any location into the sound stage.