RABBIT (Rosco Animated Bluescreen & Backdrop Image Technology) opens up an entirely new approach to background images. Rosco's vinyl backdrops are now available with matched moving plate shots.

No longer must filmmakers choose between "expensive" blue screen sets and "dead" backings. With RABBIT, a vinyl backing can be hung to cover most of your filming requirements, with a small bluescreen wheeled in for the occasional "hero gazing out over the bustling city" motion plate shot.

No more expensive second unit motion plate shoots. No more doubling up on location fees. When Rosco shoots the backing, you'll have a RABBIT in your back pocket. At no extra cost - you only pay for a RABBIT if you use it.

New backings will have an accompanying set of red RABBITs - motion plates shot on the RED One camera at full 4K resolution. Existing rental backings have an available set of green RABBITs - high resolution image files animated to create motion plates.

These are motion picture quality plates, shot on the RED One using Zeiss lenses. Four thousand pixels wide, 2:1 screen ratio, at 24 f.p.s., each sequence offers a full four minutes of RED Raw format. Most shots also feature matched views angled for over-the-shoulder shots, and many also have accompanying night views.

For more information, please contact Phil Greenstreet on 323-474-8795, or by e-mail at pgreenstreet@rosco.com

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