Student Rental Program
Many Designers and Cameramen recall their first contact with Rosco as having taken place in the classroom. Representatives spend many hours each year visiting students to talk about filters and other products. Additionally, Rosco offers reduced prices on gels and diffusions for film students and in the Los Angeles area also have a limited number of fog machines available at no charge.

Ten years ago, a new service was introduced, the student backdrop rental program. For the first time, students were able to use professional quality backdrops in their productions without destroying their budgets. Since then, hundreds of student films have used this program from schools such as AFI, Chapman, Loyola, UCLA and USC.

Requirements for 2022 student rentals are fairly simple: student I.D.; a certificate of insurance; authorization letter from the school; a credit card; and a big enough truck to carry the drop. The price? Just $350 per week for any backing of any size. Call Diane Ricci at Rosco HQ at 1-800-522-1180 for further details.