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Changing Lanes

Initially it seemed like just another inquiry, one of the many which Rosco receives each day. Art Director Steve Graham needed pricing information for a day/night backdrop, including the shoot. Then it became a most unusual inquiry...the drop would be twenty eight feet high by three hundred and sixty nine feet long, a 270 degree wraparound for a large set to be built in the Marcy Street Armory in Brooklyn.

This 10,332 sq. ft. behemoth became the largest day/night backdrop Rosco has ever produced. The shoot from the top of 450 Lexington in Manhattan required dealing with eight cameras, but this was only the first of several daunting challanges.

The backdrop was completed on time and on budget to the satisfaction of Production Designer Kristi Zea. In fact, the work was so successful that the production company decided to retain the use of the backdrop for thier next feature, "Marcie X".

Production Designer: Kristi Zea, Director of Photography: Sal Totino, Art Director: Steve Graham