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Rosco has been in the business of producing custom backings for over two decades.

The art directors of the TV show Kate and Allie needed a computer generated image on the front and a hand painted blackout on the back to create a day/night effect. They turned to Rosco to create this backdrop. That was in 1987...and the result was so successful that filmmakers and TV producers everywhere eagerly pursued this then-new technology and craftsmanship.

Innovative technological advances in digital output allowed Rosco to develop front and back printed day/night backdrops which did not require hand painting. These new, tough backings, first used on the TV show NYPD Blue and the film Apollo 13, gave the appearance of both day and night. In fact, they allowed for a variety of other light and weather conditions, depending on how they were lit.

The development of a single, reliable backing for both day and night shots earned the notice of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, which reward the achievement with an Academy Award in 2001.

Today, Rosco produces backdrops and backings, using client-supplied digital art or photography, for a variety of applications and venues. Rosco Digital Imaging also offers an Image Bank library, digital retouching and photography services.